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Monday Jack Dempseys



Hello, friends. I found you some links. Well, more accurately, I trained my dog to track the scent of links, and we romped about the woods until she'd sniffed out enough links for this post. I hope you like these links.

- The Jack Dempsey, a cichlid, is Exhibit #29901384 in the category of People Just Name Fishes Whatever The Hell They Want. Someone thought the fish looked like famous boxer Jack Dempsey, so they just called it that. Done. That's your name now, fish. If we can just do that, then I hereby change the name of Afghan Hounds to Cher Hounds.

- Reminder: There is a P&T/Knickerblogger meet-up on Wednesday. There is an hour-long open bar around the start of game time. Please email me with subject line "chinchilla" if you want to attend, and tell me how many people you intend to bring and your P&T name if you've got one (which you totally should!).

- The best Knicks thing I read today was unquestionably netw3rk's piece on what being a "fan" really is when your team is as irretrievably shit-soaked as the Knicks are.

- For a more outsider-y perspective on how terrible the Knicks are, look pretty much anywhere, but especially at the New York section of David Aldridge's column, which I thought was well done.

Here's Chris Herring on how Mike Woodson has made life as taxing as possible for Carmelo Anthony.

- Our old friend David Lee ended up saying a lot of stuff about New York, the Knicks, and the local media after his team got done thumping the Knicks the other night.

- Pablo Prigioni's blogging again! He's still at least trying to sound optimistic about this season.

- Yeah, there was all this shit. Honestly, I'm impressed the Knicks haven't gotten snipe-ier at this point in the season.

That's all. Hope you've had a pleasant day.