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Pistons 96, Knicks 85: "Knicks are losing to a team that wants to lose."

Y'all suck.

The Pistons just played some of the worst basketball I've seen this season. They're selfish, sloppy, and totally disorganized on defense. They want to lose, like JeffFinance said. They beat the Knicks by 11 points because the Knicks exist beneath the bottom. They see your horrible basketball and aim lower. You think you're tanking, then the Knicks come into your building and chuck layups off the bottom of the rim for three hours and you realize you don't know shit about tanking.

Here, via BJabs, is a GIF of Mike Woodson calmly shitting in his trousers:


Have a good night. Don't think about the Knicks. Think about anything else. Rabbits, grapes, badminton, pirates, cholera...anything. It'll make you happier.