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Knicks offered Phil Jackson a front office job


Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

There was a Stephen A. Smith report earlier today that seemed pretty goofy, since it amounted to "the Knicks offered Phil Jackson their coaching job, he said no". Now Frank Isola is chiming in saying the Knicks have upped the offer, or maybe the offer was something else all along...or something:

Phil Jackson has been offered a front office position with the Knicks and is expected to give the club a decision sometime next week, the Daily News has learned.

According to an NBA source, Garden Chairman James Dolan has met with Jackson about a potential return to the franchise where he was a member of the Knicks' only two championship teams. Jackson also won 11 titles as a head coach with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers but apparently has no interest in coaching the Knicks.

Oh. Isola hears it's not just a consultant thing, so is it an offer to replace Steve Mills? To work above Steve Mills? Below Steve Mills? To get full autonomy and control over the whole operation (which is always the thing people say Phil Jackson wants, because Phil Jackson is Phil Jackson)? Also, why is Phil Jackson, who has never worked in a front office for any team at any level, even desirable? Is it just because he is Phil Jackson and Phil Jackson has had so much success coaching great teams that he must be the right guy to do front office things in 2014? Also, why the hell would Phil Jackson want anything to do with the Knicks? Phil Jackson?

I don't know. These are my questions. History suggests Phil Jackson will wordlessly string the Knicks and us along for a few weeks, then leak that the whole thing was a big lie and disappear in a cloud of hash smoke.

Update (7:45 PM)Stephen A. Smith hears Jackson is "leaning" toward taking a front office job with the Knicks. We still don't know what or why. He'd expect complete control of the team's operations in that job. Ken Berger hears Jackson has some concerns about the way the Knicks' organization works, as you'd expect.