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Final Score: Knicks 107, Cavaliers 97

Three straight.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Very well done, Knicks. New York faced down an important challenge in their quest to snaggle a playoff spot, dominating the 10th-seeded Cavaliers on their home floor. A begripped Carmelo Anthony shot splendidly after his cold start and each of Melo's fellow starters navigated the Knicks through his quiet stretches. Amar'e Stoudemire killed one Cav after another with footwork around the rim, scrappy rebounding, and some towering swats. Tyson Chandler finished possessions off Raymond Felton's entries and kept others alive off the glass. J.R. Smith stayed hot from behind the arc and the bench backcourt chipped in as well.

The Knicks' defensive effort flagged and allowed Kyrie Irving and Spencer Hawes open looks inside and out. At some important moments, though, the Knicks offered each other help, and at others, the Cavs just blew open opportunities, which was kind of them.

That's three straight and at least a momentary hold on the tenth seed with Detroit in sight. It's exactly what the Knicks need to be doing right now if they have any shot at the playoffs. Full recap in the morning, I think. Have a lovely night.