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Tuesday Achilles Tangs


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Good afternoon! I hope you're enjoying some pleasant weather. I have a few links for you. Please print them out and rub them all over your person.

- Achilles Tangs are very attractive members of the family Acanthuridae. Two things about them from Better Know a Fish: 1. The Achilles Tang is so attractive that someone made a dress patterned after one (I have a similar idea which will get me extremely rich whenever I decide to act upon it, which will be never). 2. Achilles Tangs are surgeonfish, which you may have heard of, but I only just today learned why they're called "surgeonfish." It's not just a name; these fishes have special scales right at the bases of their tails that pop out for tail-swipe SLASHING if the fish is threatened. THEY HAVE SWITCHBLADE TAILS FOR FIGHTING AND THEY'RE SEXY AS HELL WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT IN A FISH.

- Still no further word on Tim Hardaway Jr.'s ankle injury. Just X-rays negative and sprained. I will update if there is an update. That might not come until tomorrow.

- This is the link of the day. This is the link of the whole damn year: Chi Nwogu of Bloomberg Sports has charted every single Walt Frazier rhyming couplet (*coughs*) this season and prepared all kinds of advanced stats around them, including their correlation with game outcome and an overall list of usage per game (before you click: guess which rhyme Clyde uses the most at over once per game). I hereby award a P&T Pulitzer, 1400 P&T points, and a sandwich to be named later to Chi Nwogu.

- Writing on the unpredictable Knicks, Chris Herring points out that the Jazz are the only team the Knicks swept this season.

- My friend Joe DeLessio did a VERY thorough breakdown of all the records that have been set against the Knicks over the last few years. They are numerous.

- And here's Cristobal Arenque from a few days ago on Carmelo Anthony's affinity for chess.

- As Scott reminds us: April Melo comin'.

Another source suggesting Steve Kerr is a Phil Jackson/Knicks favorite. I'm gonna ignore the Derek Fisher part.

- I hadn't seen any quotes about Amar'e Stoudemire's recent game absence(s). Here are some now.

Very nice interview with Toure' Murry, who is still on the Knicks, you know.

These have been the links. I kiss you on your face now.