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Carmelo Anthony is probably out against the Nets

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Amar'e could be, too.

Kevork Djansezian

The Knicks are officially saying this:

Mike Woodson is saying this:

Yeah, flex those coach muscles, Woodson. YOU'RE THE BOSS!

That's all fine. The only point to competing in these next two games against the Nets and Raptors is to fuck with their playoff seeding, which is a fun challenge, but not something worth risking injury to established players. I hope the Knicks use these last 96 minutes to give Cole Aldrich more time to perform, and I hope they let Toure' Murry and Jeremy Tyler join in on the fun as well. Shit, unless Lamar Odom is signed before tip-off, I'd ship a BayHawk up to New York real quick and suit him up for a few minutes.

Here's who's out for the Nets, in case you care: