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Carmelo Anthony has a partial tear in his right shoulder

They finally did an MRI.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

For almost two weeks, Carmelo Anthony played with soreness in his right shoulder and occasional "dead arm" feelings. He and the Knicks opted against doing MRI because Melo insisted he wouldn't sit no matter what the MRI showed. He continued to play big minutes, wincing all the while. Well, now that the Knicks have nothing to play for, the medical staff finally took a look in there aaaaaand:

So, it's just like last year, except a month earlier, in the other shoulder, and Melo will no longer be under contract with the Knicks once these two games come and go. Melo waited the recovery out and didn't get surgery last time, and that worked out just fine for him, so there's hope he can do that again. It's just a matter of whether he and his shoulders will return to play for the Knicks or if that win over the Bulls was Anthony's last game with New York. Feel better, big guy.