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Wednesday Devils Hole Pupfish


Good day! Tonight brings us the last basketball of the 2013-2014 Knicks season, and the beginning of what should be an eventful offseason. First, we link.

- Pupfishes are nice little fishes so named because they appear to nip at each other and chase each other's tails like playing puppies. A number of pupfish species live in really small, extreme habitats. This includes the Devils Hole pupfish, a whole species that exists naturally only in a single geothermal pool in the Nevada section of Death Valley. Here's a cool video on the fish and the people studying them.

- We have no idea yet whether the Knicks intend to tank next season, but we know for sure Tyson Chandler isn't down with that. He's a competitor, you see.

- I think we'll do our own thing like this at some point, but Scott Cacciola's retrospective on the Knicks' stupid, stupid losses is a reminder that the Knicks had a lot of stupid, stupid losses.

- I highly recommend clicking around in this Reddit AMA with a Suns ballboy in search of Knicks things. There's great stuff about Carmelo Anthony (room temperature Fiji water!), J.R. Smith (kind of shitty!), and Pablo Prigioni (very silly!).

After Marc Berman suggested Amar'e Stoudemire might consider heading to Israel to play for the team he co-owns after his contract with the Knicks expires, Amar'e went right ahead and confirmed that. I said this yesterday, but I love the idea of Amar'e as a Jackie Moon-esque owner-player over in Israel. He'd dominate folks, too.

Frank Isola maintains that Clarence Gaines Jr., formerly of the Phil-Jackson-led Bulls, is likely to get a front office job (scout, probably) with these Knicks.

- On that note, Jared Zwerling's interviews with former Phil Jackson assistants are worth a look.

- Both Zach Lowe's NBA awards and our less serious NBA awards include a section LOLing at the Knicks :/

- Thanks again to the hardworking Chi Nwogu, we have a list of EVERY Clydeism uttered by Walt Frazier this season.

Some Dolan family Cablevision roster moves, if you're interested.

Those are the links! Have a pleasant Wednesday. Don't forget to go to the bathroom sometimes. You've got all this stuff inside you that needs to come out!