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Phil Jackson spoke about Kerr, Melo, and plans for the summer

Still weird that the Knicks officials talk sometimes.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Jackson took questions from reporters today, which was nice of him. Here are some things he said, since there isn't video yet.

On Steve Kerr and the coaching search:

(if there was ever any doubt regarding the Triangle, there you go.)

It's April 23, so that's soon.

No, Jackson's not gonna coach:

Jackson downplayed the pursuit of front office changes, but confirmed that Clarence Gaines Jr. is on board now and allayed concerns about this morning's Isola report:

Jackson heard when Carmelo Anthony said he'd consider a pay cut, and he's into it:

And on the rest of the players:

Cool. Not much there, but I do like the fact that Jackson was forthright and reasonable-sounding in response to the Melo questions. I'm still just happy to have a president who talks.