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Steve Kerr met with Phil Jackson about the Knicks job

They dined. They didn't wine and dine with Clyde, but they dined.

Streeter Lecka

Reports this weekend were all like "Steve Kerr's covering the Nets games in Brooklyn, maybe he'll meet with Phil Jackson while he's there!!!!!" Indeed he did. Kerr spoke to media before Sunday's TV duties and revealed he'd dined with Jackson Friday and continued speaking since:

Some direct Kerr quotes on his interest in coaching and the Knicks job:

Seems to me like a diplomatic way of saying "You think I'd be interested in working for these schmucks without Phil in town!?" but moving on...

Regarding "preparing for this," note that Kerr recently met with Bill Parcells, I guess to discuss what coaching in New York is like. Kerr's agent is former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum, remember.

So, I guess there's the first "interview" in the "coaching search" (scare quote removal TBD). Here's the full story from the Daily News.