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Final Score: Wizards 90, Knicks 89

You messed up, Knicks.

Brad Penner, USA TODAY Sports

The opponents are tough the rest of the way. Wins will be difficult to come by. So when the Wizards-- who are pretty good-- miss enough open shots to counteract New York's horrid defense, and when J.R. Smith lights the net aflame with some of the hottest shooting quarters we've ever seen from the guy, it would reeeeeeally behoove the Knicks to pull a win out of there.

Nope! I thought I'd hardened to the point of having no faith in these Knicks, but when it came down to a final possession with plenty of seconds to go and a one-point deficit, I held a little hope they might run a play and get an open shot like they had previously for a huge Raymond Felton three. Instead, a smarting Carmelo Anthony finished one of his worst performances as a Knick by getting stripped, J.R. whiffed a desperation heave, and the Knicks went down hard.

There are more games, but they're drying up, Knicks. Bad bad bad bad beat. Recap later.