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Stuff from Wednesday's Knicks practice

Melo didn't practice, Mike Woodson spoke on several topics, Amar'e took a bath.

Christian Petersen

The Knicks have four more games to play. Because the Hawks are ceaselessly beshitten, those games still count. The next of the games isn't until Friday, so the Knicks have some time to practice. They did so today, and they said some things afterward.

- Because of a "deep bruise or sprain" in his right shoulder, Carmelo Anthony did not do any contact practice today, but he is expected to play Friday against the Raptors.

- Mike Woodson spoke, which is always fun. He insisted Phil Jackson is staying out of his hair (beard hair) and addressed, in his own strange way, Amar'e Stoudemire's post-game grumbling about the team relying too heavily on threes:

"We've been pretty good in this stretch in being able to mix up our threes and go inside out," Woodson said after practice. "I know there was some bickering out there about we didn't play inside enough.

"But for the most part we have established an inside game with Amar'e and with Melo [Carmelo Anthony]. And we've shot a ton of threes as well. So we've got to keep them in that range where it's not so one-sided."

There's also stuff in the Post article about the stuff this guy (who's advocated for Woodson since he's been with the Knicks, even when he fired their mutual agent) said. Woodson also spoke in third-person for a second there.

One more:

- Aaaaand one semi-unsolicited steamy Amar'e quote for the road:

Have a lovely evening. There's good basketball on tonight! And another opportunity for the Hawks to lose and prolong the torture!