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Thursday Whale Sharks


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Zac Wolf

Good day! I don't have too many links to share with you this day, but I do have a few, and as Gandhi said, "A few Knicks links is better than no Knicks links, I think. Okay, bye!" Here we go:

- Crazy that we've come this far without doing whale sharks. Whale sharks are the biggest fish-- like o-fish-ally fish-- in the sea, and they're so beautiful. They make me want to cry a little. My favorite thing that I learned about whale sharks on Wikipedia just now is this: "Known as a deity in a Vietnamese culture, the whale shark is called Ca Ong, which literally translates as 'Sir Fish'".

- "Convicted art dealer blames Knicks for gambling addiction" is where we're at in the offseason right now. May 1.

- Amar'e Stoudemire on the Dan Patrick Show in two parts (cooking in the second part)! I haven't watched this yet and probably won't, but there you go! (via The Knicks Wall)


- The beloved and celebrated Jonathan Fishner did the valuable work of collating things Steve Kerr has said about the Knicks.

- I mean, it's not NOT nice to read of people who know Steve Kerr saying nice things about his future as a coach. (Note: Steve Kerr has not been hired to coach the Knicks. Not yet. Just so we're clear.)

Expert analysis from a man familiar with the steakhouse at which Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony dined (and more).

- If (when? Probably when.) the Knicks shed Steve Mills, he may end up being the next NBAPA head, although this article came out a week ago and the union has been active recently with the Donald Sterling stuff, so who knows.

That's all I've got! I hope you enjoy the weather. Whatever weather occurs in your area, I hope you enjoy it. See you later for a playoff thread.