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Monday Spotted Scats


Guérin Nicolas

Good day! While you wait for tonight's games to start/the Knicks to hire Steve Kerr, I've got just a few links/notes to share.

- It's "scat" like "scat." Scats are in the genus Scatophagus, which means "shit-eating." Some, like the common spotted scat, might not even eat shit (IT WAS ONE TIME!), but too late, shit-eaters, you already got your name.

We begin with two announcements:

- NBA Summer League in Las Vegas runs from July 11 to July 21. The Knicks will surely be there. They're doing the thing with the "playoffs" again, so there will be a Summer League champion. It...probably won't be the Knicks. But they'll be there, and I hope to be there, too.

- The Knicks will unveil the name and logo of their new D-League franchise on Wednesday evening in White Plains. There's an open house to get seats and stuff before that if you're interested.

- Amar'e Stoudemire being Jewish stuff: 1. While some people bothering Alexis Stoudemire, she didn't rule out the possibility of Amar'e getting bar mitzvahed, which would be fun. 2. Amar'e's hosting a basketball camp in Israel at the end of July.

- Larry Coon succinctly summed up the basics of Carmelo Anthony's range of potential decisions this summer in this chat.

- Did I already show you Amar'e talking about his relationship with Steve Kerr? I think I did, but here you go anyway.

- J.R. Smith was at the Players Championship (that's a golf tournament in Florida) and took over their Twitter account on Sunday and had a great time with it/didn't post any photos of ladybutts. 

- J.R. also did an interview with Golf Digest. He's not watching the playoffs. None of the other Knicks golf.