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The Knicks' new D-League team is called the Knicks

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Really, guys?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After months of teasing, a "contest," and hundreds of suggestions from the P&T community, the Knicks have settled on a name for their new D-League franchise. IT IS...



wait are you serious





Okay, fine. It's the Knicks. They got us all excited and registered some mildly interesting trademarks and all that, then they named the team the Knicks. I'm sure Corporate Branding Synergy research or whatever shows that keeping the name consistent across franchises is better for pRoFiTs but that's lame as hell. I think of a D-League franchise team name like a person's middle name. It's a low-stakes opportunity to be creative, get a little weird, but nope, the Knicks couldn't do that. The Knicks stay the Knicks, literally. It occurs to me that I'm probably so irrationally upset about this because my own middle name was the product of Familial Branding Synergy, but still. Bullshit. And here's the logo:

It's the old Father Knickerbocker, but if, like, the maker of a fourth-grade social studies film strip drew him. Whatever.

I'm calling them the Westchester Wigeons whether they like it or not. WESTCHESTER WIGEONS FOR LIFE. I am excited the Knicks have their own D-League team now. This is great. Just a dumb name. I bet James Dolan's cat is named James.