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Steve Kerr will coach the Warriors, who aren't the Knicks


The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Well, how about that:

Until we hear otherwise, this is just because the Knicks wouldn't give Kerr that five-year, $25 million deal. When I say "the Knicks," I don't know who I mean. Phil Jackson has only (as far as we know) pursued Kerr for Knicks coach, and that non-salary-cap money doesn't really matter to him, so I have trouble imagining that he was the one putting the brakes on a big deal. I would imagine the guy actually paying the bills is the one who objected. It's not unfair for James Dolan to balk at giving a first-time coach a bunch of money, but it's a little off-putting when: 1. Jackson clearly wanted Kerr very badly. 2. Jackson is supposed to be fully autonomous. 3. Dolan's not usually stingy.

Maybe something else interfered. Maybe the Warriors are just more appealing. I don't know. Anyway, the Knicks don't have any coach, nor do they, to our knowledge, have anyone in mind to become their coach. There's plenty of time to find one, but this little turn of events isn't a great look for management. 

I gotta run, but more as it emerges.