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Saturday Crappies


Good afternoon! No basketball tonight AGAIN, so let's look at some links:

- Hahahahahahah crappies

- I'm not paying too much attention to Steve Kerr stuff anymore, but here's a dumb little exchange of hot takes: The Daily News is like PHIL JACKSON IS IN SHAMBLES, DOLAN INTERFERED WITH THE STEVE KERR HIRING (the "EXCLUSIVE" there is hilarious) and the Post is like DOLAN HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH KERR, PHIL LOWBALLED HIM. I still can't imagine why Jackson would set a price limit on his friend and only coach target, so I have trouble believing Dolan didn't draw the line (which is his right and arguably justified, but something he kinda said he wouldn't do). And it's perfectly plausible that Dolan's next move was to leak to the Post that Jackson was totally behind the lowballing. Whatever. The Knicks remain the Knicks, the Knicks beat remains the Knicks beat.

- Little footnote from that Post article: Glen Grunwald is still doing combine stuff with the Knicks, but his contract expires at the end of June. Update: I misread this. Grunwald is at the combine meeting with other teams looking for a job. He's under contract with the Knicks until the end of June, but isn't working with them anymore.

- Joe already passed along the word of Jackson's meal with Mike Dunleavy (which I hope was not a job interview. Yuck.), and here' s a bit more on that Luke Walton possibility

- Shumpup!

- Melobieber!

- Nice piece by Eric Freeman on New York's coaching search and the notion of Derek Fisher leading the pack.

- A Jeremy Tyler interview from the D-League name reveal.

- On that note: Yes, better.

- We recapped recapping the Knicks.

- A couple Northwestern SB Nation buddies made an NBA podcast for the offseason and their first episode is totally about the Knicks.

- Andrea Bargnani hailing a cab.

- NBA fan map! Fun to see where the Knicks/Celtics and Knicks/Nets lines (based on Facebook likes) are drawn.