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Tuesday Monkeyface Pricklebacks


Happy Tuesday! The lottery aka HATER'S BALL is tonight, along with Game 2 of Pacers-Heat. In the meantime, we link.

- Monkeyface pricklebacks, also known as monkeyface eels, are presumably called such because they have monkey faces on their faces. People out west where they live have gotten really into eating them in the last few years.

- Okay, the coaching rumors round-up:

1. Derek Fisher is definitely a target, but he's obviously not on the line yet because he is still playing playoff basketball. The fact that we're even asking him about this stuff is silly.

2. The Brian Shaw rumor train has made a full circle, crashing into its own caboose. The latest is that the Knicks won't pursue him because they know he's under contract with Denver (and has said he's happy there) and know they don't want to release the assets necessary to trade for him.

3. I really don't think Mark Jackson is happening, but Phil Jackson is "open to talking" to him, whatever that means. 

- Zach Lowe thinks the Knicks will still pursue a GM (Steve Mills's active involvement recently has me uncertain, but it would still make sense for Jackson to pick someone else) and wonders how appealing that job will be. 

- Amar'e Stoudemire made the mistake of saying he agrees with Donald Sterling on something, but of course he's right that NBA players and everyone everywhere ought to be doing more to help others. More important for our purposes, here he is saying again he's considering heading to Israel when this contract expires.

- Here is a recently released but probably-filmed-a-while-ago-based-on-the-state-of-Shump's-hair episode of a Fox show in which Iman Shumpert, Larry Johnson, and a couple other athletes just shoot the shit in a barbershop. 

- Hahahhahaah no I'm not reading this article.

- The Smiths are opening a sneaker store! J.R. Smith's father and family, that is, on the old lot of a burned down family home. Not the band. 

- Obviously, this isn't the prettiest thing ever, but Alan Hahn did a nice job laying out the Knicks' full history of dealing draft picks.

That is all. See you later. : *