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There's a playoff game tonight-- Game 2 of Heat-Pacers at 8:30-- and we can use this as a thread for that. First, there's something else. The NBA Draft lottery takes place at 8 and, once again, we'll watch someone else-- either the Nuggets or Magic, depending on order-- luck into somewhere between a good and great draft pick thanks to the Knicks' generosity several years ago.

This is not a place to bicker about the Carmelo Anthony trade. This is not a place to wonder about the Knicks' own draft prospects. This is just a place to hate. I hope the Nuggets and Magic get no picks somehow. I hope no one gets any picks. I hope the ping-pong ball machine explodes and they just decide to cancel the lottery and then the whole draft.

I would like to thank God almighty for giving everybody so much and the Knicks so little. I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU AND I HATE YOUR GUTS, I HOPE ALL THE BAD THINGS IN LIFE HAPPEN TO YOU AND NOBODY ELSE BUT YOU.