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The Knicks have some pre-draft workouts scheduled

No picks, but still looking.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

When the Knicks have a draft pick, they spend May and June working out up to a dozen guys a week, sending out press releases with each day's workout roster. This year, the Knicks don't have a single pick no matter how long I stare at the mock draft board, but they're doing workouts anyway. And why not? There's still the chance of acquiring a pick, and no matter what, they'll want to put together a Summer League team and training camp roster.

So who are the Knicks bringing in? Since they're not announcing anything, I've done my best to snoop around side doors and back alleys to find some names. Here's what we've got:


Ian Chiles, 7'2" center, Morgan State. Here's his (rather bare) DraftExpress profile. Here's our friend Keith with a bit more on Chiles.


Joe Jackson, 6'0" point guard, Memphis. (DX)


Johnny O'Bryant, 6'8" forward/center, LSU (DX)


Geron Johnson, 6'3" guard, Memphis (DX)

Sometime soon:

Xavier Thames, 6'3" guard, San Diego State (DX)

Niels Giffey, 6'7" forward, UConn (DX)

The dates could be a bit off and the list of names is certainly incomplete, but there's at least some idea of who the Knicks are looking at as they mull trading for a pick and/or plan for Summer League and training camp. Perhaps some Know the Prospects are in order, but in the meantime, what do you know/think about these bros?