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Wednesday Flying Gurnards


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Good afternoon! I don't have many links for you, but I do have a few. Let's also just use this as tonight's playoff thread (8:30 PM, Heat at Pacers, ESPN). 

- Flying gurnards, like their relatives the sea robins, have big-ass pectoral fins that spread out to look like wings (they don't actually fly). And they make weird sounds. And they have big eyes and cool little spiky haircuts. Good fish. Here's a video.

- The Knicks have a month until they need to decide whether they want to hand Toure' Murry a qualifying offer, making him a restricted free agent. However free Murry's agency, Ian Begley reports teams will be interested. He names a few.

- I still haven't found a suitable explanation for what the hell this Observer editorial is. Yes, the Rangers are very good this season. The fuck is up with the rest of that?

- In which netw3rk trades the whole Knicks backcourt for the starting Suns backcourt.

- Whole lot of Frank Isola (and some of Howard Beck) talking about the Knicks beat in this roundtable.

- This is the most May 2014 Knicks headline imaginable.

- Okay, whatever.

- Iman Shumpert's #turnip life continues. One day we're going to find out Shump really loves root vegetables and isn't just into spelling "turn up" creatively.

Those be links. Again, let's just use this as the playoff thread for tonight. Not sure whether I want the Heat to win because I prefer them or the Pacers to win just to extend the series and give us more basketball. 

Update: A short movie about the Knicks protest via Dan Devine!