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The Knicks will play the Bucks in London

January 15th.

Jamie McDonald

Hey cool! The Knicks broke up their wonderful 2012-2013 with a mid-season trip to London to play the Pistons. It was a nice little vacation, a triumphant return for Iman Shumpert, an occasion for cool socks and cold team photos and sassy Ronnie Brewer soccer photos and Kurt Thomas knowing no British terminology, and a blowout win. This past season, they didn't go to London, and they sucked. Clear causation there. Ergo, the Knicks must go back to London. And they will!

NBA Global Games London 2015 will feature a game between the Milwaukee Bucks and New York Knicks at The O2 on Jan. 15.

And we know from this past season how thrilling Knicks-Bucks games can be, so READY YOUR FACEPALMS, LONDONFOLK. 

By the way, Carmelo Anthony is definitely going to stay a Knick now because, like, free vacation! Who could turn that down? Or I guess he could join the Bucks. Or if he prefers one of the other Global Games destinations, he could go to a team playing elsewhere. My point is Melo's decision about who pays him tens of millions of dollars will be predicated mostly on the allure of a working vacation he could easily afford on his own. I'm certain of this.