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Phil Jackson spoke to media, says he told Carmelo Anthony to consider opting in

And a lot more.

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, let us begin this dump of tweet embeds by once again agreeing that it's really nice to have an executive who speaks to the media periodically and actually seems to give forthright, meaningful answers to the questions asked of him. Thanks, Phil Jackson, and thanks, James Dolan, for allowing this basic level of transparency for your new president. Jackson opened today's media availability by telling reporters there was "no news," but he actually said some things. Let's walk through 'em.

Jackson said the most Actual Things regarding Carmelo Anthony's future

We hadn't heard outright before that Jackson was pushing Melo to consider opting in for one more year, but here you go:

That's pretty straightforward. Who knows if Melo's reply was a "Hmm! I'll think about that." or a "Yeah...I'll think about it... [while texting other GMs under the table]." Either way, Jackson feels good no matter what happens with melo, and that makes me feel good, too:

It sounds like the Knicks were pretty damn close to hiring Steve Kerr

On Derek Fisher and Brian Shaw, the most rumored candidates post-Kerr

(That's in reference to Brian Shaw, who may be out of the question because the Knicks would have to trade for his services.)

I assume this next one is about Fisher, too:

We should have a new coach by the end of next month, and it'll probably be someone you expected

On the notion of Jackson himself coaching, an idea that simply won't die no matter how much he shoots it down

On the draft

On analytics

On Lamar Odom!

Cool. Thanks for talking, Phil! Thanks for tweeting, reporters!