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Today in Knicks coaching search rumors

There's a lot out there, but not much is new.


Nothing's really new on the coaching search front. You can skip this blog post. But if you'd like to see exactly the extent of the nothing new out there, here you go: After Mark Jackson got fired Tuesday afternoon, Steve Kerr's started to seep out in Warriors rumors, and then a little more elsewhere. The list of teams currently interested in Kerr, as things, currently stand: Knicks, Warriors, Lakers, Jazz. The national reporters sharing this intel vary a bit in how they weigh the Knicks' status as frontrunners:

There's been a bit of an internet backlash to the tune of "SINCE WHEN IS STEVE KERR SUCH A HOT COACHING COMMODITY?", but I dunno. I see strong interest from the Knicks, which makes sense because Phil Jackson is the one conducting the search, I see normal interest from some other teams, and mostly I see a leakier situation around Kerr than those surrounding other coaches. I don't know why. 

Meanwhile, this is interesting, and seems to confirm what we've suspected since this search began:

The second part, I mean. We have no sense of Phil Jackson's backup plan, and that might be because Kerr is really his only guy. If Kerr does bail, we don't know whether Jackson would turn to an unemployed vet like Stan Van Gundy or Lionel Hollins, a recently fired guy like Mark Jackson, one of the promising college guys like Kevin Ollie or Fred Hoiberg, some relatively unknown underling from somewhere else, a familiar name from his "coaching tree", a manatee, a ham, a hat, or an olive. No clue. No name besides Kerr's has come up in connection with the lead job. We heard of a previous interview with Bill Cartwright for an assistant's gig, and it sounds like Jerry Stackhouse will get a similar interview in the near future. 

So either Jackson really doesn't have a Plan B, or he and those around him have done a perfect job of keeping interest in anyone but Kerr locked up. We'll see. Or, I guess we won't see if Kerr takes the job. They say he'll make a decision of some sort by Friday.