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Thursday Northern Stargazers



Good afternoon, police officers. I have some links to share with you. Enjoy!

- Stargazers chill on the ocean floor and stare upward with their up-facing eyes, then snack upon prey with their upturned mouths. Some of them even have poison spines or electric poker things. Here's a video of someone feeding a pet Northern Stargazer

- Trivial, but funny: For Steve Kerr to coach the Knicks or the Warriors or whoever, he'll have to sell his tiny chunk of the Suns franchise.

- Mark Jackson says he hasn't heard from the Knicks, in case you were wondering if Mark Jackson has heard from the Knicks.

- Tim Hardaway Jr. got a Sixth Man of the Year award vote! He's very good at getting single votes, eh? I'm retroactively surprised no one wrote Hardaway in as a third-place MVP.

- Spero Dedes talks about moving on from being the Knicks' radio (and backup TV) play-by-play guy here. If no one else wants Spero's old job, I volunteer. I would not be a good announcer, but I would be a willing announcer.

- Some radio words from Amar'e Stoudemire

- The spiffed-up Madison Square Garden is somehow fifth in these NBA arena rankings

- This whole piece on Idan Ravin is interesting, but I specifically direct you to the bit about J.R. Smith.

That's all! Thread later. <3