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Kurt Rambis expected to become Knicks' lead assistant

They'll need to pull him away from the Lakers first.

Ethan Miller

The Knicks' press conference to announce the hiring of Derek Fisher will be live at 11:30 AM on MSG (and ESPN and, at least in part, from the look of things). I'll watch and keep track of what's said for a post to come. In the meantime, the assistant coaching staff may already be taking shape. Howard Beck tweeted right after Fisher got hired that Kurt Rambis was the likeliest of a slew of Phil Jackson's old Laker friends to join Fisher's staffMarc Berman seconds the rumor with a source furthering that Rambis will probably become Fisher's top assistant. They'll need to spring him from his previous job first:

Derek Fisher, set to be announced Tuesday as the new coach of the Knicks, is expected to hire triangle offense guru Kurt Rambis as his top assistant, according to a source.

The Knicks already have asked the Lakers for permission to speak with Rambis, who coached Fisher and still is under contract as a Lakers assistant.

Rambis has a yucky head coaching history in Los Angeles and Minnesota, buuuut he's got experience (experience!) and knows Fisher and Jackson and, well, that's pretty much all this new team seeks. Rambis is also a former Knick draft pick-- if never a real Knick because they promptly waived him-- but still, #OAKAAK.

So we'll see where that goes. Either way, I hope you're getting comfortable with the Knicks' staff (and shit, maybe the roster to an extent) turning into a jumbled version of Lakers teams past.