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Here is the Knicks' Las Vegas Summer League schedule

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The Knicks and Mavericks kick off everyone's favorite mid-summer NBA action.


The New York Knicks and Dallas Mavericks will be the first teams to give us a break from the torturous offseason basketball drought. The NBA announced today that the Vegas Summer League will begin July 11, kicking off with the Knicks and Mavericks.

It's the second consecutive year that the Summer League will be tournament-style. All of the teams will play three games apiece before they get seeded for the tournament on July 16. From there, the tournament culminates in the championship game on July 21, which the Knicks will win because the Knicks are the best Summer League team every year. Below is the Knicks' schedule:

vs. Dallas Mavericks - Friday July 11, 4 PM EST
vs. Portland Trail Blazers - Saturday July 12, 4 PM EST
vs. Charlotte Hornets - Monday July 14, 4 PM EST

(Tournament games TBD)

NBA TV will air all 67 games, and MSG will presumably air the Knicks' games as they usually do, but I don't know if there's any official word on that just yet.

And, in case you're wondering:

No word yet on who will participate, but if the Knicks don't get a draft pick, expect some of the fellows they've been working out to get an invite. It would be nice to see guys like Tim Hardaway Jr., Toure' Murry, and Jeremy Tyler show up, and Lamar Odom would be a fun a possibility as well.

So, we're about one month off of watching Knicks basketball again, even if it means sloppy, show-off-y, rookie-infested summer basketball. At least this current crop of draft picks and young players will be interesting to watch.