I Want Lin Back

I'm just going to put this out there. I know a lot of you don't agree with me, and what I'm saying may make absolutely no sense. And it may be the worst idea in the world. I guess I'm still not over the Lin non-match. Maybe that's unhealthy. Fine. But I would love to see the Knicks do a sign and trade with Houston, jettison Melo and get Lin and Asik back.

Counter-argument #1: Lin's not that good, he lost his starting job to Patrick Beverley. Give us Beverley!

I think Lin lost his job to Beverley because Beverley's a better defender, which makes him a better match for the no-defending, ball-hogging James Harden. In fact, I think Harden's stunted Lin's development. Lin's not the greatest shooter, OK, but I think he's a huge improvement over Raymond Felton. I like how he acts down the stretch of games. More than I can say for Melo.

Counter-argument #2: Poison Pill!

Yeah, I guess... though I think if the Knicks take his contract back on, it doesn't count as much against the cap for that year as it would have had they matched the offer. Besides, I don't care. Whatever poison pill it's got, it's less poison than paying an aging, slightly better than average efficiency Melo making questionable decisions down the stretch.

Counter-argument #3: How can you say that about Melo? He's a superstar!

I like Melo. He plays hard. He's an underrated passer and a good rebounder. He's a badass. But I don't think he's worth a max contract, not at the age of 30. Exchanging him for two guys that could be part of a good young core that can grow together makes sense.

Counter-argument #4: Asik's overpaid, and has the same limitations as Chandler

Anyone who's 7 feet and can play center without making a complete idiot of themselves is going to paid a lot. Despite Chandler's limitations, he was part of a championship team. Asik can do what he does and he's younger, meaning you can trade Chandler away to a contender and get back someone or a pick that can be part of your young core.

Counter-argument #5: But Houston will have 3 superstars, and they'll win 12 championships in a row!

Yeah, whatever. I don't care. Anyway, they'll be good, but they'll have problems too. They ain't gonna win 12 championships in a row.

Counter-argument #6: You're a nostalgic, Linsanity loving lunkhead.

Guilty as charged. I loved rooting for the guy. I saw great things in the Lin / Shump backcourt. I don't care if you think I'm crazy. Conventional wisdom fails in the NBA, every season, for a whole bunch of teams. I believe to the core of my being that a Lin / Shump / J.R. / Stoudemire / Asik team would kick ass next year, and would get better and better if they can find a replacement for Amar'e.

Whatevs. Have at it. I aint ashamed.