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Derek Fisher is the Knicks' new Steve Kerr

Pretty much.

Ronald Martinez

We've heard Phil Jackson was interested in Derek Fisher as Knicks coach for a while now, even before/during the near-exclusive pursuit of Steve Kerr. The main issue until this weekend was the thing where Fisher was employed as a basketball player and his team was in the playoffs. Fisher's team got fired, though, (or something? I don't know how playoffs work), and he sounds ready to move on to a different job.

Could it be the Knicks' coaching job? It's early yet and Fisher has a lot to consider, but he's definitely into the idea of coaching and expects to at least talk to Jackson and the Knicks about the job. And, since these things don't really warrant our consideration unless the interest is mutual, here's Adrian Wojnarowski with a fresh piece on the Knicks' desire for Fisher:

Knicks president Phil Jackson has been eager to sell Fisher, 39, on the possibility of Jackson mentoring him as part of a direct move from Fisher's playing career into the Knicks head coaching job. Fisher is taking a few days to finalize his thoughts on the likely end of his 18-year playing career before fully engaging in talks to become a head coach.

Nevertheless, the Knicks and Fisher expect conversations to begin before the end of the week, league sources said.

Woj refers to the Knicks as the "frontrunner" for Fisher's services and to Fisher as New York's "top head-coaching target" in the headline. He also mentions the Lakers like everyone else has, but notes that they're more interested in experienced coaches, whereas Jackson seems to be looking for the opposite.

So, basically, Fisher is the new Kerr, and we should get used to hearing about his every whim (Dan put it well). On that note, my response to all this is the same as it was for Kerr: "...sure!" Kerr Fisher seems smart and leader-y and he checks off several of Jackson's preferred qualifications (Namely: 1. Has few 2. Phil already has his phone number). Cool!

Update: And Jackson's already paying for his interest!