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Friday Pacus



Hey! I'll be gone for most of the weekend, so let's empty out the ol' OneTab before I depart.

Pacus, as far as I can tell, are just like piranhas, but bigger, not nearly as mean, and with overbites instead of underbites.

- If you want to read "Carmelo Anthony could/should leave!" stuff: Howard BeckBeckley MasonJared Dubin, and Mark Deeks are always worth reading. Already a good discussion going on in the last thread about the Deeks piece. (Related: Tom Ziller's Top 75 Free Agents.)

- And here's how the money stuff shakes out for Melo, by the way.

- A player's agent saying stuff means pretty much nothing, but yeah, P.J. Hairston is the one semi-first-round-seeming guy the Knicks have worked out, so if they do trade up, there is at least a sliver of reason to believe it'd be for him.

- Still curious how this chance encounter turned out.

- I dunno, this just seemed mean to me.

- From the comments (via Good Enough): A nice li'l interview with soon-to-be-restricted free agent Toure' Murry.

If you ran into Melo playing pickup at the Y.

- To be fair, Amar'e DID have a pretty unkempt looking beard.

New Knickerblogger podbutt!

- I really hope you're paying your dancers well, Knicks.

Have a good one!