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Tuesday Giraffe Haps


Dr. David Midgley

Good afternoon! Two days 'til the draft, one week 'til free agency. ZERO SECONDS 'TIL LINK O'CLOCK:

Giraffe Haps are a yellow, spotty member of the genus Nimbochromis-- sleeper cichlids. They're called that because they hunt by lying on their sides on the ocean floor, then "waking up" when littler prey cichlids swim by. And then they kill them and eat them. Here are some Giraffe Haps brawling in a tank.

- Nothing new here, just a clear, thorough breakdown of Carmelo Anthony's path to free agency and where things could be headed. Good resource for catch-up/clarity if you're looking for that.

- Never mind, ClickHole has the most thorough Melo free agency summary.

- And since I never linked it in a post, here's the Vice Melo interview that went up yesterday. Filmed June 3. He speaks somewhat candidly about the difficulty of uprooting his whole family, so maybe that will make you feel like he's inclined to stay.

- And here's what Melo's agent Leon Rose had to say about the opt-out.

- Raymond Felton's not going to jail.

- I do not miss your coaching, Woody, but I do miss you. I wish you could just hang out and wear funny shirts and not make any decisions.

- Okay, this is important. My internet pal David Hill made a bet with a Nets fan friend on April's Knicks-Nets match-up. The Knicks dominated that game, so now the friend's band must cover a JD & The Straight Shot Song at their gig on Friday. PLEASE GO CHEER THEM ON.

- I never know if anything's real, but if this is, Amar'e Stoudemire should probably just ignore people and quit the DMing.

Those are the links! Have a pleasant Tuesday. Don't bite anybody.