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Stein: Knicks on verge of trading Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton to Mavericks

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Trade time!


Well okay! Here we go:

Dalembert's next season is non-guaranteed. Jose Calderon is on a long-term deal until 2017. Larkin is on a rookie deal with a team option next summer.

Without having thought about it at all: I like Larkin and I like an expiring and I like getting rid of Felton but I uhhhhh hope y'all actually want to build around Calderon, Knicks, because that's a fat deal. Unless there is another trade to come.

Also, Dallas does not have a first-round pick this year. They do have two second-rounders. More as it comes.

UPDATE (4:30 PM)Stein has the Knicks getting Wayne Ellington (expiring) and a *future* Mavs second-rounder as well.

UPDATE (4:56 PM):

Update (5:01 PM): This would be very nice:

This would be even nicer:

Update (5:44 PM) Now let's see exactly what it is: