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Know the Prospects: Overseas Stash Options

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Profiling a couple dudes from abroad who the Knicks *haven't* worked out.

Maddie Meyer

With the sudden trade of Tyson Chandler resulting in two second round picks, we need to haul our hind parts in a whole new direction. Time to learn up some noteworthy prospects. With the lay of the roster still pretty up in the air, I'll profile a guard, a wing and a big. Herein we'll take a quick peek at three guys that may be more stashable overseas prospects. These guys have not had workouts with New York, but could be available at the 34th pick or further down the line at 51.

These guys I haven't seen full games from, so its a little tougher to have a nuanced view. From the little I do know, though, I think we definitely need introductions. So lets roll this ball the hell out because the draft is practically about to start.

Bogdan Bogdanovic, Guard, Serbia, KK Partizan

Certainly a titular thought. A titillating tweet about his team winning a championship. I think. Boogie Bogdan is a knock down shooter who needs to tighten up that precarious dribble. He manages to get to the rim in part because his outside touch deserves respect, but he's basically gonna look like a walking cookie jar to any hungry perimeter defender in the NBA.  Its pretty easy to find him launching bombs from way downtown, and that skill is going to translate from the Serbian just fine.

On the defensive end, he's got that trusty wingspan (6'6" with a 7'). Unfortunately he isn't particularly quick, and will have to rely on good instincts if he wants to succeed. Here's a highlight look at him in a "duel" of sorts with highly regarded prospect Dario Saric. Boogie-dan certainly holds his own.

Perhaps with bigger stones than chops, Bogdanovic should be able to be an effective three-point sniper right from the jump. He was distinctly average at the free throw line, shooting 75%, which struck me as a tiny red flag. He turns the ball over a little too much, and doesn't get to the line enough. He'll be 22 in August, and should be a nice pickup at 34, with the idea being to stash him for a few years, and let him tighten up his game. Of course he could also come annihilate the D-League and learn his dang self some American.

Damian Inglis, Forward, France

Couldn't have said it better myself. Let me try tho.

  • Do the damn thing, then don't do a damn thing
  • Bustin ass, then bustin loose
  • Hard work, not work at being hard working afterward, & ?
I dunno... sometimes I got it, and sometimes I don't. Which sort of sums up this 18 year old's game. He's a huge wing player with super stretch arms and some heft to his body that will allow him to bully plenty of guys on both ends of the floor. The thing that impresses me most about him is his court vision. Thats something you can never truly work on. Either you got it, or you don't. You can't overhaul someone's sense of anticipation or creativity in timing an open space. Its not a jump shot. Its not good footwork in the low post.

So while that looks pretty good, the downside is that his jumper is not so hot. You can see all over YouTube that the form can change from shot to shot and that allows defenders to cheat off of him. He also gets bottled up cruising to the rim and making decisions without clear intentions, and that spells "turnover". While he doesn't have to become a knockdown shooter, you'd like to see him convert on dribble pull ups and floaters with real accuracy, before you trot him out there and hope he can compete (unless maybe you're Philly).