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Samuel Dalembert expected to stay a Knick (and other trade fallout)

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There was a trade. For a moment, things are stable. Let's see what's what.

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The Knicks' roster is going to change again tonight-- perhaps more significantly than just the addition of two rookies-- but we're in the eye of the storm right now, so let's take a look around.

- First thing: I guessed the Knicks might waive Samuel Dalembert's final non-guaranteed year, but Marc Berman and others report the Knicks intend to keep him around. Which is fine with me. I doubt the Knicks want to build with Dalembert since he's 33 and not exactly a triangle center, but one cheap season of shot-blocking, decent rebounding, and general silliness isn't a bad commitment. He's the only true "center" on the roster at this point. And he's happy, so I'm happy:

New Knicks center Samuel Dalembert just happened to be in Times Square Wednesday night when news of his trade to the Knicks made the rounds. A gleeful Dalembert told everyone who would listen he was coming to the Big Apple.

And obviously Dalembert's agent is super excited.

Eric Pincus has the definitive breakdown of the little exceptions and cap figures and whatnot that play into this trade, including the final number IF Carmelo Anthony leaves the Knicks (and including some guys whose money isn't guaranteed yet):

If Carmelo Anthony does decide to leave New York, the Knicks will have about $66.2 million in salary (including the non-guaranteed contracts of Lamar Odom, Shannon Brown and Jeremy Tyler) - slightly above the projected $63.2 million salary cap.

The luxury tax threshold projects to be $77 million, giving the Knicks room to use their full Mid-Level Exception ($5.305 million) and their Bi-Annual Exception ($2.077 million) - although utilizing either would trigger a hard cap (about $81 million).

- I haven't seen anything strongly indicating the Knicks are looking to deal more, but there are bits and pieces ($) about possibly moving Shane Larkin along (for what, I have no idea). They may try to package Larkin with picks to move up into the first round? I don't know. (Update: Berman mentions the Knicks are looking into exactly that.)

Update: And here's this:

- Haven't thought too hard about Wayne Ellington as a Knick, but...well, there is this:

Doesn't hurt.

- I don't want to pull the "anonymous sources" thing, but I mentioned yesterday that I'd heard Carmelo Anthony "endorsed" Wednesday's trade, and Zach Lowe hints at some possible friction dating back to the CAA vs. Non-CAA stuff as well. One would like to think the Knicks don't give any shits about CAA anymore, but I'm sure Melo's opinion is at least a partial factor in their decision-making. (That said, I think this trade's virtues hold up with or without Melo.)

One more thing from Lowe's section explaining the reasons for the trade and how Calderon's onerous contract affects things (which I recommend reading): Phil Jackson likes Iman Shumpert and the Knicks have been turning down offers to trade for him. So that's something to keep in mind tonight.

- Oh, and for my Tweeterz:

That is where things stand. For now. More to come. More Knicks players to come!