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Maddie Meyer

Good evening! It is NBA Draft Night, I am at the NBA Draft, and the Knicks are actually here to do stuff, too. Here's what's up:

1. The Knicks just got the 34th pick and the 51st pick in the draft. They prepared for the occasion by working out a whooole lot of second-round-type guys, many of whom are listed here, a few of whom Jonathan profiled today.

2. The Knicks may look to trade further. We heard New York may look to package some of the picks and people they just acquired (or possibly an incumbent Knick like Iman Shumpert) to get into the mid-to-late first round. That falls in line with stuff like this:

Matt Barnes could be in there, too? I dunno. I just wanna keep Shump please.

And that's pretty much it. Nothing's going to happen with Carmelo Anthony tonight. We're just on the lookout for small-to-medium trades and, other than that, who the Knicks end up picking. And on that note, I suppose the names to look out for are:

1. Patric Young, whose name has come up a few times.

2. P.J. Hairston if the Knicks trade up.

3. Cory Jefferson, apparently:

This thread will update with little rumors and murmurs and stuff. If something big happens, a new thread will go up, and there will be a new post promptly after each of the Knicks' picks.

Shit starts at 8. Sooo much draft coverage can be found here. Let's draft!

One more thingSB Nation is doing a live draft show! I'm getting a call around 7:30, I think.