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The Knicks have also drafted Louis Labeyrie with the 57th pick

Another pick!

Pascal Le Segretain

Just when we thought the Knicks were done for the evening after finishing off the two draft picks they acquired from the Mavericks, they struck again.

With that pick -- which they bought with their $1.8 million -- they drafted Louis Labeyrie from France. Lucky Louis is a skinny, 6'10" 200-pound center who's 22 years old. He played three seasons of European ball, one with Hyeres-Toulon in 2011-12, and two with Paris-Levallois most recently.

There isn't much written about him on the internet -- Draft Express doesn't even really have a profile on him -- but he seems like a young, low-risk, raw big man the Knicks will try and get some juice out of.

So, cool. We'll see if he even comes over this year, but welcome anyway, Louis! Three rookies!