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The updating Knicks Las Vegas Summer League roster

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Check back!

Andy Lyons

Hi! The next thing on the Knicks' schedule is Summer League in Las Vegas. Suddenly, they have a decent little bunch of youngsters to send to Vegas, so the roster won't be *all* non-guaranteed and undrafted types, though there'll be some of those. This post will eventually move to the "TODAY'S NBA NEWS" widget, where I will update it until the full roster is released.

So, first, some guys I assume (or know) will be on the Knicks' Summer League roster:

Tim Hardaway Jr.

Jeremy Tyler (if the Knicks keep him)

Toure' Murry (if the Knicks re-sign him. QO due June 30)

Shane Larkin

Cleanthony Early

Thanasis Antetokounmpo (Source) (Don't go to Greece, Thanasis. Stay here with us.)

Louis Labeyrie (if he comes to the U.S.)

Lamar Odom!?

Cole Aldrich

Undrafted/free agent signings:

Brandon Triche- 23, 6'4" G, Syracuse by way of Italy (Source)

Langston Galloway, 22, 6'2" G, St. Joseph's (Source)

Will Sheehey, 22, 6'7" F, Indiana (Source)