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Stein: Toure' Murry will become an unrestricted free agent

The Knicks didn't extend the qualifying offer to Toure' Murry.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks had to extend Toure' Murry his qualifying offer today in order to make him a restricted free agent, and therefore be able to match any offer he receives. According to Marc Stein, the Knicks didn't do that.


This news is a little surprising because there was word that Phil Jackson liked Murry, and Derek Fisher said as much after his introductory press conference. It seems it would've been logical for a front office and coach that like Murry to make him a restricted free agent, especially given the Knicks' lack of resources to re-sign him otherwise. However, the Knicks do have several handfuls of guards now -- Jose Calderon, Pablo Prigioni, Shane Larkin, Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith, Wayne Ellington, and Tim Hardaway Jr. might all see playing time -- so maybe the Knicks felt that retaining a guard whose skill set is questionable wasn't a priority.

With Carmelo Anthony's forthcoming free agency road trip and the Knicks' pursuit of a mini-MLE signee, Murry's free agency will likely be put on the backburner, even if the Knicks are still interested as Stein reports.