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Wednesday Atlantic Footballfish

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Good day! Let's link.

- Atlantic Footballfish are anglerfish that live deeeeeeep in the ocean, where they hang out looking like footballs and catching other fishes with their cool glowing head rod. We don't get to see them much, which is why the photo here is a dead fish. This does appear to be a spooky video of one. I don't believe the Wikipedia entry's suggestion that anyone calls these "man-gobblers," which would be a misnomer anyway.

- Couple o' Knicks-and-the-media-y things for you:

1. James Dolan went on the radio Tuesday because the Rangers are in the Stanley Cup Final. He got asked some Knicks questions and made some remarks, both jokey and serious, about Phil Jackson having autonomy. And then he apparently mentioned that Steve Mills, not Jackson, is responsible for the team's medical staff. Since there were reports weeks ago that Jackson wanted to meddle with the staff but Dolan wouldn't let him, this is now A Thing. I dunno. I don't know where the line between owner (or GM?) stuff and team president stuff is drawn. I'm much more concerned with Dolan staying miles away from the actual basketball transactions, which he at least says he's done so far.

2. I suppose this is Jackson responding to the fine he earned for speaking Derek Fisher's name last week. Or maybe he's responding to the above stuff. Or both.

- Isola is under the impression that Derek Fisher and Dolan exchanged some positive vibez during the lockout, for whatever that's worth.

- Berman is under the impression that Jackson wants to have a coach hired by mid-month, when he'll go to Turkey to attend his son's wedding. Jackson said previously that his only deadline for hiring a coach is Summer League toward the end of July, so we'll see about that.

- Follow-up on the news of a P.J. Hairston workout (added to the workout tracker, which is being constantly udpated): The Knicks will hold a private workout with Hairston on Thursday. This is the first we're hearing of the Knicks looking at a projected first-rounder, and Jeff Goodman insists they want to trade into that first round.

- I don't know what new contract Lamar Odom signed (MAX EXTEN$ION, SORRY MELO), but he's training with the Knicks now. You know, because he's on the Knicks. Berman says Odom might join New York in Summer League, which would be kinda fun.

- Pablo Prigioni thanking Dave Hopla for helping him with his shot

- You might not be dying to remind yourself of the '94 Finals, but CBS has a grand package going on that series.

- A whole bunch of great writers and friends, including our own beloved Joe Flynn (check out his first Rangers/Knicks piece!) are contributing to The Cauldron, a new site run by Jamie O'Grady. Lots of Knicks in the introduction.

- Finally,"crack lord," "Knicks," and "Al Harrington" in the same headline.

Thank you for your attention. Enjoy the day!