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While Carmelo Anthony visits Chicago, the Knicks have been quiet

With little to offer, the Knicks will wait their turn in free agency.

Rob Carr

The first few hours of free agency-- like, the middle of the night-- are rife with reports of who's calling whom. As the Knicks began their wait for Carmelo Anthony to circle the country and return, they weren't making many conspicuous phone calls. Recall from previous seasons that players don't often settle for mini-MLE and minimum contracts until later in free agency, so the Knicks may just be waiting their turn.

They say the Knicks want Pau Gasol, but there's been no reported contact between the two parties yet. The Knicks didn't call him overnight as far as we know, and they're not a planned stop on his tour. Again, because New York doesn't have much to offer salary-wise, they might not get consideration until later in the process. ON THE OTHER HAND, KENNY ANDERSON REPORTS:

It's as good as done.

This is pretty much the rest of it:

I like Trevor Booker. Not sure how well he'd fit. Interest is just interest.

We'll have more on some potential mini-MLE targets later today. That's pretty much all the bUzZ at the moment. Oh, and Chris Smith's gonna play try out for the Mavericks Summer League team. That is important bUzZ.