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Sources: Carmelo Anthony is a reptilian changeling

P&T has the guts to name its sources. Catch up, other journalists.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Good day. Today is Thursday, July 10, and the NBA's free agency moratorium has ended. People can actually sign binding contracts with teams.

Carmelo Anthony has not done that. He has not even reached a verbal agreement with anybody. Last Frank Isola heard from Melo's friend, Melo intends to return to the Knicks barring a "last minute change of heart". No specifics of a deal are provided, but Isola notes a full mega-max offer is what's "on the table." (Update, 12:42 PM: Marc Stein is now confirming the same and expects a Melo decision by Friday.)

Last others heard, Melo had not informed any of the interested teams of his choice. Leon Rose claimed Melo hasn't decided yet. Meanwhile, Woj got to digging up sordid-sounding reasons for Melo's assumed decision-to-come. This is all from last night. Nothing new has emerged.

I trust Isola not to step out on word that isn't solid. I also trust Howard Beck and the rest reporting a decision has not reached the ears of teams yet (or hadn't last night, anyway). The above leaves room for a source to have misjudged, for minds to change, or for unexpected events to interfere. My own sources leave no doubt, and I'm so confident in them that I don't need to keep any secrets from you:

Posting and Toasting can report exclusively that sources close to a wholly uninteresting 1080p image of Anthony confirm "I'm not saying Carmelo's a reptilian or a hybrid, but something weird's going on with his hand right here."

(hat tip to Brian Pickett on that one)

But yeah, we're waiting for Melo and the Knicks, who can make it officially official starting today. We've been told they will, and the mere whiff of a max deal has some already frothing and others already defending. I'll wait. All I can say for sure is a lot of people are talking about these human-reptilian hybrids and something's up with that hand.