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Okay, now your turn, Melo

They say it's down to the Knicks and Bulls now.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Sources tell Posting and Toasting LeBron James is headed back to Cleveland. Chris Bosh is very likely headed to the Rockets next. It felt like-- and we heard-- Carmelo Anthony was waiting on those guys to move. Houston is surely out now (Update: ?), and unless the Cavs want to trade for Anthony, LeBron is no longer a factor. So now it's just up to Melo.

Marc J. Spears reports we won't hear "decision" today:

I don't know if "decision" means brain decision or just official, announced decision, so I suppose there's still a chance something could leak today.

We were hearing Knicks-Lakers-Bulls before (after hearing just Bulls-Knicks, then just Knicks, then Knicks-Lakers, then I don't even know), and now this:

I saw the first thing and was like "oh, so the Lakers are out" and then laughed a little, but then I soon saw the second thing and...there you go! Of course, we've heard of teams moving in and out of contention for weeks now, so any final-sounding thing we're told is subject to change.

If it's the Knicks, all that remains to see is which of several offers Melo accepts. If it's the Bulls, we'll have to see if Chicago can clear (or I guess already have) enough space to sign Melo outright at a salary he prefers, or if the Knicks and Bulls begin working on a sign-and-trade. Of course, it could still be the Lakers no matter what people's sources are telling them. Or anyone else. More as it comes.