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Game Thread: SummerKnicks vs. SummerMavericks


Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Forget everything else! Well, let's hope we can forget everything else for a few hours. Shut up, everything else. It's time for Summer League. The Knicks' youngsters, rookies, and signings will tip off NBA Summer League in Las Vegas against CHRIS SMITH and the SummerMavs at 4 PM EST on MSG and NBA TV. In the meantime, bone up with stingy's post!

We'll put some notes up sometime after the game for those of you who missed out, but as is the case every summer: This is about the players and, in this case, about Coach Derek Fisher. Let's see how guys perform, let's see how much of a triangle they can run after like three days of working together, and let's just enjoy some basketball. The score does not matter unless the Knicks win.

Just like the season itself, please don't post large photos, GIFs, or links to illegal streams in the thread. (Honestly, the way comment sections have been filling up, please keep that stuff to a minimum everywhere now.)

Also: Let's try to keep this thread restricted to the game and free agency/other stuff over here. If something new happens, I will post a new thread.