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The wait for Carmelo Anthony continues, Bulls move in on Pau Gasol

12 days in, still no answer.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Good day, friends. The Knicks have another Summer League game this afternoon, and Scott will have that covered for y'all while I fly out to Vegas. In the meantime, I am very antsy because we still don't have a firm word on what's up with Carmelo Anthony.

Reporters from absolutely everywhere suggest-- like they've mostly been suggesting-- that Melo will eventually sign with the Knicks. With the Lakers out of the picture and other teams seemingly faded, it's pretty much down to the Knicks and Bulls, and everyone's sources point toward New York.

The Bulls, meanwhile, are reported to be nearing a deal with noted Phil Jackson target Pau Gasol. They have not heard from Melo yet, but they're moving along anyway. The obvious conclusion there is that they've moved on from Melo and are shifting to their next free agency target (and, as bad luck would have it, the Knicks' next free agency target).

The lingering, tantalizingly slim possibility is that the Gasol stuff will somehow precede a Melo sign-and-trade to the Bulls. My understanding of how and when you can trade people lacks no matter how long I stare at the CBA FAQ, but smart, trustworthy individuals suggest one does not rule out the other, even if it narrows the path. And we heard before that Gasol and Melo talked about playing together. But this is a weird, small possibility. You can dismiss this paragraph. Stupid paragraph.

We've been told to assume Melo's coming back, so I assume he's coming back. If it's truly down to just the Knicks and Bulls, I reckon the Knicks should have leverage in any remaining contract negotiations (and, if the Bulls are actually part of this, leverage in any trade talks). Right?

I'll be looking for updates all day and Scott will take care of you this evening.

Update: This is bizarre.