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Reports: Carmelo Anthony will re-sign with the Knicks, no seriously this time

No money details yet, though.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, Woj had today's first report suggesting Carmelo Anthony would pick the Knicks, and now we hear the other teams in contention have been informed as well:

Representatives for Carmelo Anthony are presently in negotiations on a contract that will bring him back to the New York Knicks, sources tell ESPN's Stephen A. Smith.

The Chicago Bulls and the Houston Rockets have been told by Anthony's representatives to move on, the sources said.

Others agree. So if all other teams are out, what are we waiting on? The "negotiations" bit in there suggests the exact terms of the new deal aren't yet final. I'll hold out hope Melo is generous enough to follow up on what he suggested back in February and leave the Knicks some extra cash. Not counting on it. More likely, they're talking about clauses and opt-outs and other stuff like that.

Still not done, but other teams getting the thumbs down suggests we can finally, truly assume it will be. Just a matter of how and when at this point.

UpdateWoj reports the deal could be the full max, but also hears Melo may take a pay cut as low as $120 million overall, which is a very modest help, but more on that later. This still isn't done. Woj also reports Melo will make an official announcement Sunday.