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Who will the Knicks pursue next in free agency?

There's not much money left to spend.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks have signed two free agents: Carmelo Anthony rejoined the Knicks on a contract paying him about $122 million over 5 years, and Cole Aldrich came back for I assume is a minimum contract, taking a huge pay cut off the max he deserved. Soon, we will have some posts about who we think the Knicks *should* pursue. For now, I want to empty out the list I've been keeping of players the Knicks have shown reported "interest" in since the beginning of free agency. Note that the Knicks own the tax-payer's exception of about $3.3 million, and just veteran minimum openings after that unless they get weird:

- Trevor Booker, who Marc Berman kept pointing at, just signed with the Jazz for a whole $5 million dollars a year, so apparently he was never an option. That alone can serve as a bit of a benchmark for guys the Knicks can't afford.

Chris Vivlamore reported the Knicks were interested in Elton Brand right at the beginning of free agency, but that's a textbook Grant Hill Maneuver on Brand's agent's part if ever I've seen one.

Same goes for Jordan Crawford's agent. Like, come on, at least pick some small-market teams or something.

You too, Dahntay Jones.

Marc Berman mentioned a little while back that the Knicks had "inquired" about Jason Smith, who missed most of the last Pelicans season with a knee injury, and who I guess is moderately intriguing.

And apparently the Knicks would like to bring Toure' Murry back even after pulling his qualifying offer. With a pretty full backcourt and, apparently, no room for Murry on the Vegas roster, I'm not sure I see that one actually happening.

- And, going the other direction, Kenyon Martin keeps saying he'd like to return to New York, and this is apparently a thing:

Sooooooooo yeah, the rest of free agency will be pretty quiet. "Interest," as we've seen above, often indicates some promotion on the part of a player's agent, but this gives us a rough idea of the phone calls the Knicks have made. Perhaps they'll do like past summers and poke around foreign leagues for a less familiar low-cost signings. Or perhaps they'll roll with guys they already have, bring a few summer leaguers to camp, and go from there.