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The Knicks have signed Jason Smith

That was quick!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Well, we were just talking about who the Knicks might like to sign with their mini-MLE, and there it goes:

I am fine with this. Jason Smith is a solid, regular big man. He's had pretty serious knee problems, but he's a decent enough rebounder, a reasonably tough tall person, a guy who can step out and hit a jumper, and *not* a relative of J.R. That's about all I know of him. For a single year and a pretty modest salary? Sure, absolutely. If Smith can stay healthy, he could be a regular contributor at center and, shit, maybe even a starter like he was at times in New Orleans.

By my count, if you include the Knicks' not-yet-guaranteed-guys like Shannon Brown and Jeremy Tyler, the Knicks' roster is now at a full 15.