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Game Thread: SummerKnicks vs. D-League Select


Garrett Ellwood, Getty Images

THE QUEST FOR THE SUMMER LEAGUE 'SHIP BEGINS. The Knicks face Video Coordinator Dylan Murphy's D-League Select in the first round of the Vegas playoffs tonight at 10:30 EST on MSG and NBA TV. They're gonna fucking dominate and then I'm gonna mock Dylan until he cries. (And if the Knicks lose, Dylan's gonna write a post here. True story.)

No word yet on any new injuries/absences/anything else. Cleanthony Early is supposed to play after missing the last game with a strained ankle, and Cole Aldrich remains out with the calf thing/already having signed a guaranteed contract thing. Meanwhile, Langston Galloway is all ready to head to Israel if no one here gives him an invite.

I usually tell y'all not to worry about the score, BUT I WANT THAT CHAMPIONSHIP. THE KNICKS HAVE TO WIN. But also look out for sets and individual performances as usual. See y'all at 10:30.