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Friday Largehead Hairtails


OpenCage shit, it's already almost the evening out east...well, good that to you. The Knicks don't play today because today is for the LOSERS. They'll face the Hornets Saturday at 4 PM EST. For now, let's link:

- Nothing's particularly exciting about the largehead hairtail-- just a great name. There are so many fish that people just stopped taking the time to name them.

Phil Jackson's new book section about taking the job with the Knicks is very nice to read. Just all the stuff we've heard reported over the last few months spelled out in his own words.

- Tim Hardaway Jr. got picked as one of the youngsters who gets to stick around in Vegas and practice with the USA team. That is excellent. It never hurts to work with the best players on Earth for a little while.

This is a fantastic video-- via King Henry-- demonstrating the basic triangle actions the Knicks have been running in Vegas. Another one they do some-- and will surely do a lot around Carmelo Anthony is the "blind pig."

- Unrelated, but we played in Daryl Morey's ping-pong tournament the other night.

- I love The Starters and I like Hardaway as a player, but man, he has so little charisma in an interview setting.

This has been sitting in my tabs for a few days. It pleases me.

- The Kids chose Carmelo Anthony as "Clutch Player of the Year" (weird year to make that choice, kids), but I guess Amar'e didn't get KIng of Swag. :(

I'm gonna take a nap. Enjoy your Friday.