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The Knicks will work out Dahntay Jones



The Knicks have a pretty full roster as things stand. Including the non-guaranteed contracts of Shannon Brown and Jeremy Tyler, 15 men are under contract. Someone (one of the non-guaranteeds, or perhaps Wayne Ellington) will probably be cut so second-rounder Cleanthony Early can sign, and it would take another cut or uneven trade to create any more room. Phil Jackson suggested a while ago he might make a move to "balance" the team, which currently includes a relatively heavy backcourt and light frontcourt.

And indeed, the Knicks have reportedly discussed trading Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith, or Shane Larkin. Joe has something to say about those rumors later. I don't make much of them-- Shumpert has been and will be in rumors continuously no matter how much we hear Jackson likes him, and unless the Knicks want J.R. and his player-option salary on the books over the summer, it makes sense that they'd try (and likely fail) to move him.


Free agent Dahntay Jones is expected to work out for the Knicks this week as the shooting guard/small forward attempts to make a comeback after sitting out last season due to injury.

Jones, 33, is also scheduled to audition for the Sixers, but the New Jersey product would prefer to land a contract with the Knicks that would reunite him with Carmelo Anthony, his former teammate in Denver.

Isola paints this as a Melo thing-- he and Dahntay Jones have apparently been budz since Denver, and reportedly spoke during Melo's free agency. Jones is regularly tied to New York, though-- he worked out for them just months ago-- and this could just be the Knicks throwing a bone to a friendly agent. (Jones' agent, Mark Bartelstein, also represents Tim Hardaway Jr., Jose Calderon, the just-signed Jason Smith, and Shannon Brown, too, I think). While Jones would hypothetically-- one can't really say after a full year off-- offer a little wing defense, it doesn't make sense that a team reportedly looking to lose some backcourt weight would go ahead and add more.

So I think it's just a workout. Maybe Jones can earn a camp invite, but the Knicks aren't really in a position to add to the 15-man roster.